"But learning to love sweets is not what we’re talking about," I hear you say. No problem. Puppy has also learned to clean up his toys (he’s much neater than the kids), clear his dishes after he eats (ditto), and most recently how to "high-five." I frequently teach him new tricks and behaviors precisely because I think it’s important for him to continue to learn throughout his life. Besides, it’s really cute.


The point is that while he is no longer quite as youthful as he once was, he is still quite adept at learning. Puppy learns all kinds of new things. Recently, he learned the sound of a banana being ripped off the bunch. Puppy LOVES bananas and now never misses an opportunity to share a bit of the fruit. Especially if I’m the one with the banana, since I’m the one Most Likely to Share with Puppy. He knows. If Hubby gets a banana, it might warrant opening an eye to determine whether any hits the floor. If I pull a banana off the bunch, four legs fight to see who can propel his long body to me first.